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NDA Coaching Institute in Chandigarh

RN CAREER GROUP is the best known NDA INSTITUTE IN CHANDIGARH. With our faculty and team hardwork we always produced topper in NDA written exam.RN CAREER GROUP well known for its results in NDA

For NDA written exam coaching we have highly experienced and dedicated staff that prepare students and help students to get ranks in NDA. We are always with students and we want that we produce maximum results from our institute for this we do a lot of activities like regular classes, doubt session and mock test. RN Career Group is the top most name in Chandigarh in the field of NDA COACHING.

What Is NDA?

NDA stands for NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY its located in khadakwasla, pune (Maharashtra). It is conducted for the course of Admission in Army,Navy,AIRFORCE,NA. NDA exam is conducted by UPSC twice in a year in the month of April and September after the written exam students appear for the SSB interview. Around 6lakhs students apply for NDA and around 4lakh sits in the written exam and a few able to clear it and appeared in the SSB interview. It is a joint service Academy, its known as joint service because for three years all the aspirants(ARMY,NAVY,AIRFORCE) trained in khadakwasla.NDA provides the best opportunity for the 12th class cleared students to serve our nation as a Officers just after the 12th class by clearing NDA WRITTEN exam. Most of the students have this dream to serve the nation at different levels as a Officers. But its not that easy because only .1% cadets achieve this, for rest of the cadets it's just become their dream. To get this life you have to do hardwork in a right direction with proper guidance. Everyone knows that thousands of students give NDA exam and hundred of them clear it, because the level of difficulty of this exam is bit high. So if you want to crack NDA WRITTEN EXAM you have to work hard from the day when you just entered the class 12th.

NDA requires a patience, dedication,determination and self motivation. The level of this exam is high because of the limited seats.There are numerous of NDA COACHING CLASSES in Chandigarh and it become difficult for students where they have to go and admit themselves for NDA COACHING. RN Career Group is the best and top pioneer name in the name of NDA INSTITUTE IN CHANDIGARH. Inorder to attempt for an NDA examination a candidate has to go through two phases of selection process. Those are

1 Written Exam

2 SSB Interview

RN CAREER GROUP is the most sort after and the topmost and best coaching institute in Chandigarh .With our experienced and dedicated faculty,we have been able to get remarkable results in past years and look forwardnto continue with our 100% results.


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Important Points For The Preparation Of NDA Exam 2020

1. Start Studying Early

start your practice early so that you always get a chance to revise your programme of study.. You have to start your curriculum at least for weeks prior to the examination in order to revise the segment. You make sure that you understand this. .Studying and preparing is vital to success in exams. It's impossible to swot up at the last minute, because its less productive.

2. Organize Yourself

you have to prepare youself systematically and prepare an agenda of the segment which needs to be covered each day. For that it is decisive to make an outline of how many days you have in order to complete your studies and that you have plenty of time left to revise as well. After you complete a specific topic, always give a mini examine of how much you remember out of it. It will help you understand that which specific portion needs to be revised again.

3. Look After Yourself During Study And Exam Time And Sleep Well

you will be able to work superior if you eat a healthy diet and have to take minimum of seven hours of sleep in night in order to remember while you are attempting exams. A brisk walk and take regular exercise will get your blood moving and ensure that you are better able to concentrate.

4. Vary Your Revision Strategies

variety is the relish of life, and it certainly helps to enhance your studying. You need to do practice and solve previous papers and questions to test your understanding . You have to organize a discussion group with some friends, to consider a particular issue or area.

5. Take Regular Break

It is very difficult to study in a concentrated way for more than about an hour. so you need to Take 10 minutes break periodically to go and get a drink and walk around a bit.

6. Practice your Segment Many Times

practice the syllabus only once is not enough so you have to revise the segment as many times as possible. In this way student will get productive result.

To appear for the NDA Written Exam You Have To Fulfill Some Eligibility Criteria Mentioned Below:

  • Eyesight: -2.5D to +3.5D
  • Age: 16.6 to 19.6
  • Education: appeared or cleared 12th from any stream

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NDA Exam Pattern:

The Medium of NDA written examination: Question paper for both NDA PAPER I (Mathematics) it consists of 120questions are of 300marks which means 1questuon is of 2.5Mark's and their is a penalty of 1/4 aspirant have to score minimum 25% to qualify for the paper 2, if he fails to score 25% then his paper2 will not going to check

NDA PAPER II (GAT) except the English part is bilingual that includes both Hindi and English. The English language part will be in English Paper 2 is divided into 3 sections I.e I.e English, GK, GS . Paper 2 consists of 150questions and of 600 Mark's Same as paper 1 a students has to score 25% in all the three sections of paper 2 . And in total he has to score 330+ Mark's to come in the merit list. 1/4 will be the penalty for every wrong answer.

Syllabus Of NDA EXAM :


Matrices And Determinats

Two And Three Dimensions,Trigonomentry,

Differental,Calculus,Vector Algebra,Integai Calculus,Statistics,ProbaBblit,

DIFFERENTIAL Differential , Equations


The question paper will be designed to test the candidates’ understanding of English and workmanlike use of words.


Modes of transference of heat, mass, sound waves, and their properties, rectilinear propagation of Light, reflection and refraction, natural and artificial magnets, velocity and acceleration, properties of a magnet, measurement of electrical power, power and energy, static and current electricity, motion of objects, parallelogram of forces, the human eye, conductors and non-conductors, effects of heat, ohm’s law, simple electrical circuits, the principle of Archimedes, newton’s laws of motion, use of X rays, gravitation, measurement of temperature and heat, earth as a magnet, elementary ideas of work, primary and secondary cells, the force of momentum, pressure barometer, volume, spherical mirrors and lenses, stability and equilibrium of bodies, density and specific gravity, simple musical instruments, heating, lighting and magnetic effects of current, weight, physical properties and states of matter, weight, thermo flask, telephone, telescope, hydrometer, gramophone, microscope, lighting conductors, siphon, telegraphs, periscope, pressure cooker, simple pulleys, mariner’s compass and a few more.

General Science topics:

Difference between the living and non-living, growth and reproduction in plants and animals, balanced diet, elementary knowledge of the human body and its organs, constituents of food, The solar system:- meteors and comets, eclipses, food, basics of life:- cells, protoplasm’s and tissues, common epidemics, their causes, and prevention.

Chemistry list of headings covered in NDA COACHING:

Fertilizers, symbols, formulae and simple chemical equation, elementary ideas about the structure of the atom, law of chemical combination, physical and chemical changes, atomic equivalent and molecular weights, valency, the material used in the preparation of substances like soap, glass paper, ink, safety matches, paints and gunpowder, properties of air and water, preparation and properties of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxidation and reduction, acids, salts and bases, Different forms of carbon and mixture and compounds.

History related question in NDA written examination:

A broad survey of Indian history focusing on culture and civilization, forces shaping the modern world, Renaissance, exploration and discovery, The French revolution, industrial revolution, Russian revolution and war of American independence, concept of one world and freedom movement in India.

Polity and Economy section in NDA written examination:

Elementary study of Indian constitution and administration, Panchayati raj, elementary knowledge of five-year plans, Bhoodan Sarvodaya, National integration and welfare state, united nations, Panchsheel, socialism and communism and democracy, co-operatives and community development, the role of India.

Geography topics in NDA coaching:

Concept of time, the earth, its shape and size, important seaports and main sea, land, and air routes of India, main items of imports and exports of India, Weathering mechanical and chemical, earthquakes and volcanoes, international dateline, movements of the earth and their effects, major natural regions of the world, types of climate, regional geography of India, latitudes, and longitudes, ocean currents and tides atmosphere and its composition, temperature and atmosphere pressure, planetary winds, cyclones and anticyclones, condensation and precipitation, temperature and atmosphere, the origin of the earth.

Current Affairs:

Important events happening in India and World including cultural activities and sports.

NDA Written Exam Coaching in Chandigarh

RN Career Group is one of the topmost NDA Coaching Institutes in Chandigarh for the best NDA Coaching in Chandigarh.

Why You Choose Rn Career Group For NDA Coaching?

Demo classes

free Demo classes are provided by the experienced faculty to maintain the level of teaching.

Crash / 3months/ 6months/ 1year courses

Different modules are provided by institute for students regarding time duration. The coaching time period is form as the requirement of the candidates for the NDA written exam preparation. Every course is designed on the basis of course duration, mock tests , test series are done for the practice of NDA examination.

Special batches for droppers

Dropper batches are conducted separately.

Study material

Whole study material is prepared by our faculty. The study material is designed according to the syllabus and concepts

Experienced and stable faculty

Teachers are the pillar of the RN CareerGroup. RN Career Group provide the topnotch faculty for all subject. Every teacher is masters in their field and subject

Grooming class with Retired Army Officers

Personality is something that needs regular grooming and by this one can develop OLQ that helps the candidates in SSB for this we arrange regular classes on Saturday.

Weekly and Mock tests

test series enhance and help the students to execute their knowledge

Weekend batches

RN Career Group arrange weekly batches for those students who are in 11ty or 12th class, for them its impossible to join regular batches so we conduct weekend batches

PG facility

complete assistance is provided to all aspirants.

Procedure Of SSB

SSB is the second level to reach this level a candidates have to crack the NDA WRITTEN EXAM and scored well so that he get the SSB LETTER. After clear NDA they call for 5days interview session which is called as SSB. SSB is a five days procedure

  • Day 0 : Repoting day where you're documenting get checked
  • Day 1 : Basic general ability test is conducted and a picture perception this day is know as screening
  • Day 2 : psychologist test take place
  • Day 3 and Day 4 : Group and individual task arrange by GTO'S
  • Day 5 : conference

Tips And Tricks To Crack NDA

  • Schedule your Study Plan Smartly
  • Basics should be clear
  • Read newspaper Regularly
  • make proper notes
  • try previous year paper
  • Health Maintenance and Personality
  • Revision
  • practice maximum questions
  • learn time management

NDA Frequently Asked Questions


No, girls are not eligible in NDA only unmarried male cadets are eligible


No, girls are not eligible in NDA only unmarried male cadets are eligible


There's no such ELIGIBILITY Criteria for NDA exam


The total vacancies will be divided into following categories:National Defence Academy: 360Army: 208Navy: 60Air Force: 92Naval Academy (10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme): 55


NDA exam is conducted twice in a year so its registration is 8Jan for the april exam and 10june for the September exam


It comprises of two stages one written and SSB


It conducted twice in a year i.e on 1oth april and 9th September

7 When will the result of NDA released?

UPSC release NDA results in the month of may and November


The exam is not very tough but the level of competion is high which makes it tough LIMITED seats and lakhs students appear for this so it seems tough


Height: 5feet 2inch weight accordingly to height

Eyesight: -2.5D to +3.5D

Age: 16.6 to 19.6

Education: appeared or cleared 12th from any stream


SSB interview is same for both entries.


NO, you are not allow to use mobile during NDA training