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CDS Coaching in Punjab At RN Defence Academy, Certified Defence Professionals are our weapon of choice. They are certified experts with years of experience in getting you to where you want to be. We offer various services tailored to fit your needs, from one-on-one personal coaching to group seminars and workshops. But don’t take our word for it–get in touch with us today for a free trial and we can show you how our personalized coaching helps transform your life!

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Best CDS Written Exam Coaching Centre In Punjab
Best CDS Written Exam Coaching Centre In Punjab

Best CDS Written Exam Coaching Centre In Punjab

  • The 60,000 people who take the Combined Defence Services Exam in India each year hope to earn a spot in the Indian military. This application is designed specifically for university graduates, and you can apply up to twice each year.
  • The first step in the recruitment process for military personnel is to go through selection and training. After that, candidates graduate and are assigned to their permanent posts with the Indian Armed Forces. There are five academies in which you can train for a career with the Indian Armed Forces: The Indian Military Academy, located in Dehradun; The Air Force Academy, located in Hyderabad; The Indian Naval Academy, at Ezhimala; The Officers Training Academy, which is at Chennai; And the Para-military Academy, near Allahabad.
  • The Combined Defense Exam is a test that’s given to prospective Indian military personnel. It consists of only two parts and is only held twice a year.

CDS Academy In Punjab

There are many types of CDS Coaching Institutes In Punjab and each has its own benefits.

  • Improving your skills and knowledge in CDS
  • Enhancing your career prospects
  • Strengthening your relationships and networking opportunities
  • Developing better communication and teamwork skills
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency in your work environment
CDS Academy In Punjab
CDS Academy In Punjab

What is CDS Coaching?

  • We use one-on-one coaching to offer a unique, personalized experience. You work exclusively with your coach to get detailed guidance on every aspect of your professional life. Our coaches have in-depth expertise in their respective fields and a deep understanding of our client’s needs. So they can offer you focused guidance for any area where you need help.
  • We offer the CDS/OTA coaching program, which provides weekly sessions and online resources to help your career grow quickly. If you’re looking for a way to improve your career, this is the perfect solution.
  • Have you been considering coaching from a trusted educational institute, but don’t know where to start? We offer CDS coaching at locations around Punjab. Contact one of our counselors now and get on your path to success!

CDS Coaching Centre In Punjab

Punjab is often considered the best place for people wanting to join the Indian military. With low prices, good providers, and quality education, you’ll be able to maximize your potential at school and career-training programs. In order to take the Career Entry Scheme exam (CDS), you must graduate from a university or undergraduate institution. Women are also eligible to take this exam!

There are many excellent coaching centers in Punjab, one of the best places to study. The rates for coaching there are quite affordable and this makes it easier for students to afford the higher costs of renting a place of their own when they start their new lives as graduating officers. The Indian military, Officers Training Academy, Indian Navy Academy, and Indian Air Force Academy each accept a certain number of officers every year who pass this exam.

Our Best CDS Coaching in Punjab Batch Timings & Other Details

Best CDS Written Exam Coaching Centre In Punjab Details
Duration 3 months, 6 months, Foundation Batches
Class Timings 9:00 to 6:30 pm (Full Day) (Customized Batches)


Mobile Number

Course Fee

Monday – Friday, Sat (Test, Doubt, SSB)



INR 25000 – 60000

CDS Coaching Centre Near Me

Beat out your competition and join the Indian Armed Forces with RN Defence Academy! We offer affordable, high-quality courses to prepare candidates for maximum recruitment by major military recruitment exams. That includes CDS exams given every two years by the Indian Navy, Officers Training Academy (hosted by the Indian Air Force), and Air Force Academy (hosted by the Indian Air Force).

If you’re interested in taking the exam, you must be an undergraduate or graduate student as well as a woman. Other applicants could include those who are looking to work with explosives and already have a certain level of knowledge on safety and required standards. This education is necessary because it would prepare people for jobs with explosive materials.

Best CDS Coaching in Punjab
Best CDS Coaching in Punjab

CDS Coaching in Punjab

For an education that’s focused on preparing you for placement exams and military academies, Punjab is the place for you. There are many training centers in the city with teachers who have the appropriate credentials to prepare you for CDS, which is a competitive exam that all students interested in defense-related careers must take. You will be able to take this exam twice a year, either at the end of your studies or later in life if you’re qualified. However, there are minimum standards that must be met!

  1. A permanent tattoo is
  2. Candidate should be mentally and physically fit.
  3. No hernia on the body.
  4. No disabilities, hearing impairment, or vestibule-cochlear system.
  5. There should be no active congenital venereal disease.

CDS Written Coaching in Punjab

Punjab is a great place to study for lots of reasons. It has amazing schools that offer CDS coaching, as well as plenty of options in terms of cost and quality. Still not sold? CDS stands for the exam for the Indian military academy, Officers Training Academy, and more! This exam is offered twice a year, and final-year students or graduate candidates may apply. Female candidates are also allowed to take the exam.

If you’re considering getting coaching for your CDS exam in India, there are many options. India is well-known as a great place to study and has quality and affordable centers for this type of training. In addition, the test is taken twice a year and deals with who will advance to be an officer at the Indian military academy, Officers Training Academy, Indian Navy Academy, or Indian Air Force Academy. There are some basic instructions you should know before taking this exam.

CDS Written Coaching in Punjab
CDS Written Coaching in Punjab

CDS Exam Preparation in Punjab

  • Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab, which means that residents have easy access to excellent educational resources. One such resource is the RN Academy: an institute that prepares students for their university entrance exams with quality education.
  • Hidden among the diversity, there is one industry that has grown so big with acceptance and offerings, it transcends all other sectors of the economy. And when this sector became prevalent enough to bridge the gap between many regions, now people from those regions come to Punjab to study. That’s when we realized our CDS institute was issuing an opportunity for students who wished to prepare for the test not just for themselves but for others as well; which is why there are sometimes multiple students sitting in on one class. The experience of different mindsets and cultures, mixed with skilled coaching from experienced faculty at the RN Defence Academy, conjures up a great trainer-to-student experience.
  • Teaching at the RN Defence Academy is not just a job- it’s an opportunity to make a lasting impression. We help students develop a deep connection with their studies and we motivate them to repeat the experience. By inviting industry leaders and future officers to our courses, students learn about their subject and are inspired by the opportunity to learn from experts. At RN Defence Academy, we prepare exceptional defenders who have qualities that lead to success.
  • We prepare our future officers by challenging their mental and physical skills. Lectures and debates combine with extempore performances to ensure they’re prepared for life as an officer, who must think critically and act decisively.

OTA/CDS Exam Eligibility: 

  • For the Indian Maritime Academy (IMA), unmarried male candidates born not earlier than July 2nd, 1997, and not later than July 1st, 2002 are eligible. 
  • For the Indian Naval Academy (INA), unmarried male candidates born not earlier than July 2nd, 1997, and not later than July 1st, 2002 are eligible.
  • This is a modified rule for the Air Force Academy: Only those candidates between 20 to 24 years of age as of 1st July 2023 will be eligible.
  • This is new from the first of July making the upper age limit more relaxed for those born between 2nd July 1997 and 1st July 2001.
  • Persons below 25 years of age and unmarried are eligible for our training. All married applicants over the age of 25 would be considered as Officers Candidates.
  •  Women that are unmarried, issueless widows that have not remarried, and issueless divorcees (in possession of a divorce document) that have not remarried can apply for this course. They should be born between July 1, 1995, and June 30, 2002.

Educational Qualification: 

  • For IMA and officers’ training academy, Chennai – degree of a recognized university or equivalent
  • For Indian Naval Academy – degree in Engineering from a recognized university/institution; Void for other applicants without any degree.
  • For Air Force Academy – bachelor’s degree in any engineering discipline.

CDS Syllabus For 2023

The detailed syllabus for the CDS exam will be as follows:

  1. Paper 01: English Language
Synonyms Fill in Blanks Sentence Correction Prepositions
Antonyms Spelling Articles Errors in Grammar
Reading Comprehension Para Jumbles Nouns Conjunctions
One word substitution Jumbled Sentence Adverbs Adjectives
  1. Paper 02: General Knowledge
Current Affairs History Polity Geography
Physics Chemistry Biology General Awareness
  1. Paper 03 : Mathematics
Ratio Proportion Time & Work, Pipes Percentage Areas & Volume
Average Speed, Time & Distance Profit & Loss Algebra
Mixtures Simple & Compound Interest Geometry Number System
Trigonometry Ages & Partnership Statistics Coordinate System

Why Choose RN DEFENCE ACADEMY as their 1st Choice for CDS Written Exam Preparation?

Experienced Faculty

We want to work with passionate and driven individuals who are determined to make their vision a reality, which is why only the most qualified instructors make it past our rigorous vetting process. When you enroll in one of our courses, we’ll offer everything we can do to help you fulfill your dream. Our instructors know what you’re going through because they’ve been there too.

Tailored Study Material

Studying can be difficult, and getting better grades doesn’t happen by accident. But our study packages make it easy. We provide the necessary books you need to prepare for your exam, and we also offer a book that teaches different strategies for boosting your grade on the test.

Detailed Study Plan

Our training courses are designed by industry experts so that you can master the skills you need to succeed. You can take quizzes and section tests with each course if you want a challenging assessment of your progress.

Mock Test Series

If you want your students to do well on their exams, then it’s important to prepare them first. Our 20 practice exams are designed to function just like the ones they’ll get on test day, and they include detailed discussions and explanations so students can learn why they got questions wrong or what makes some answers more difficult.

Special doubt Session 

You can increase your scores by taking the advice we offer and implementing it while you’re doing your studies. Every undergraduate student in nursing has a service-boosting advisor who serves as their mentor and contains personal information about them.

Training by Retd. Military Officers

Retired and serving military members make up the team at Second Service, an organization that provides important advice for those who want to serve their country. They give helpful insights as they share personal experiences with service and offer training for the SSB Interview, which can help you get accepted into a branch of the military when applying.

Hostel Facility For Outsiders

Our Punjab Hostel provides a state-of-the-art space with a study area and pool, as well as fresh and hygienic food. And best of all, our hostel is quiet so you can truly enjoy your stay.

Online CDS Coaching In Punjab

It can be tough to find the time to study everything before your exams. You have so much information to keep track of, it’s impossible not to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Thankfully, we’re here! We offer an app with lectures and study materials that are available on any device. Plus, you can practice over 1200 videos and 2400 questions—all while developing long-lasting studying habits!

Highest Success Rate

Here at RN Defence Academy, we want to help you prepare for your CDS defense exams. We know how important a good result is to you and will go out of our way to ensure it happens.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope it has been helpful for you when it comes to CDS Coaching in Punjab. If you want to get in touch with us or find out more, then don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I find the best CDS coaching in Punjab?

Answer: CDS coaching offers an excellent way to sharpen your skills and knowledge in Punjab. The RN Defense Academy will work with each student individually, providing personalized guidance and support to help them succeed. Call our team at 7399973929 to learn more about CDS.

Question: How do I access the site to fill up the online application?

Answer: An applicant should log on to www.upsc.gov.in or upsconline.nic.in to access the home page of the online application.

Question: When can I submit an online application for a particular examination? Can I apply any time during the year for a particular examination?

Answer: If you want to find out more about upcoming exams and tests, please visit the UPSC’s website at www.upsc.gov.in and the online site at upsconline. nic. which allows you to complete your test online.

Question: How many times CDS exams are conducted?

Answer: CDS exams are conducted twice a year i.e. CDS I in February or in April and CDS II in September or in November.

Question: Who Provides the Best CDS Coaching In Punjab?

Answer: The RN Defence Academy is a coaching center for those who want to prepare for the Combined Defence Services Entrance Examination. We specialize in CDS coaching and produce top-of-the-line results not only in Punjab but also in North India. To learn more, please call us at 7399973929.


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