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Top 10 Best Reasons For Girls To Join NDA After 12th – You’ll go to any lengths to ensure that soldiers are able to deliver their best. With gazetted officer jobs at a young age, you’re already learning and honing your skills as a leader. Plus, given the right circumstances, you’ll be able to lead troops into battle as soon as they hit the battlefield.

Best Reasons For Girls To Join NDA
Best Reasons For Girls To Join NDA

Best Reasons For Girls To Join NDA After 12th

  • The seats in our academy are incredibly limited, and they’re almost out of reach. If you’re counting on getting into the academy, don’t waste your time by waiting for empty seats to appear. We may have 20 spots finally, so you’ll have to fight like hell just to secure one of those precious seats in our hallowed halls.
  • NDA is the first tri-services academy in the world and its prestige is respected not only all over India but throughout the world as well.
  • This is the price for learning to fly in India. Why? Well, all the academies charge that much for the first year at least! But don’t worry, since you are also signing an NDA with AFA, you have the option to select from a variety of planes and receive your operations training as well!
  • You will get job security once you’re accepted and enrolled in this wonderful academy. You’ll also get experience before taking off on your own.
  • Pay and Allowances:

Girls To Join NDA

  • ¬†Officers in the Indian Army deserve respect and receive salutes from millions when they step into uniform.
  • You’d receive adoring glances – and potential job opportunities – whether you enter through a military cantonment or on duty because standards are all so high.
  • When soldiers fall on the battlefield, their families have looked after them.
  • The military provides them with benefits such as canteen facilities and helps in the Military Hospitals – even providing for education and employment.
Girls In NDA
Girls In NDA

Join NDA After 12th

  • At NDA, three years of training(+1 at the respective service academies) churn out the best officers. It’s not that graduate entries are any less, but there’s a reason all the service chiefs are ex-NDAs.
  • Finally, the academy, the tons of activities and skills you learn,
  • Added to already being subsidized by India, are all paid for by the Indian Government.


Maybe your reason for joining NDA is a little different. That’s okay. Making the decision to join was probably quite difficult for you and it may take a little bit of effort, but it isn’t impossible. Both taking the first step and maintaining motivation during this difficult journey often feels like a tall order, so instead don’t waste time watching videos about how great life at NDA is or that reel. Simply work hard every day, live life to your own rhythm, and together we can make 2023 our year!

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